Public Health Wales Travel to school - Hands Up Survey
Graphic Design | Illustration | Branding | Animation, Video & Photography

It's always an exciting challenge to take on a brand new project with a new client. We were learning to understand how the client works and their expectations, as well as tackling a challenging brief. All the more rewarding when you find a successful solution and have a productive relationship with the client.

Ease of participation and a reliable methodology were behind the approach taken by Public Health Wales in preparation for their annual 'Travel to School - Hands Up Survey'. The aim is to engage and inform primary school children and their teachers in both a survey and a discussion around how they travel to school. The design approach reflected the need for a clear, engaging and relevant solution that would work across the age group involved as well as make the survey process a smooth and rewarding one for everyone involved. The survey is to be undertaken annually to assess how behaviours are changing and to help inform public policy.

A series of 'Travel mode' illustrations were part of the solution, to aid the process of a clear understanding during the survey. These included walking/wheelchair, cycling, scooting, bus, car and train.

We also created a set of guideline documents for teachers and other staff involved in the survey, to help explain the background and the process.

To reinforce the guideline documents, we also worked with Public Health Wales in producing this animation to further explain the process. View it below.