Web Development

Knowing where you want to get to, is a crucial part of setting out on the journey. We’ll spend time talking to you, asking relevant questions to help map out the route to a successful solution.

Our team of experts will use their experience to enhance your online presence, with particular attention to the customer journey, ultimately resulting in improving the results of your website, whether that be to increase sales, improve engagement or any other benchmarking that is key to your organisation.

Efficient user experience

By understanding the specific needs of your online presence, establishing who your audience is and what drives them, we can ensure that the user experience and design of the site are tailored to your needs to deliver the best results for you and your audience. Because all our websites and online applications are created from the ground up, you can be sure that everything included within the solution is there for a reason.

Plan and Research

We work to understand your needs. We research your business, your competitors and your marketplace, and using analytics software we can make value judgements about your current position and performance online. This allows us to set benchmarks to aim for as we help you to develop your online presence, with specific targets in place for success.

UX Design

The experience of using your website needs to be a positive, helpful and productive one for your customer. UX Design is about creating that experience to positively reflect your brand and improve the overall performance of your site.

Structural Wireframes and Visual Mock-ups

Using our experience and with carefully prepared wireframes and website design mock-ups we will cater our work to your requirements, ensuring the site provides the best level of intuitive usability and comfortable feel while remaining in tune with your brand and its values.

This is the easiest opportunity to understand and make changes to your new site layout. The mock-up stage is where we apply styles and branding to your website, giving you a true representation of how the site is going to look and feel. Mock-ups give us the opportunity to discuss styles, colours and fonts, ensuring that the new designs seamlessly tie in with your brand.

Integrations & APIs

The efficiency of your business has a direct impact on your potential, as well as your bottom line. Integrating with some carefully selected third-party systems can help to dramatically reduce manual processes and free up valuable time to be working on your growth. We have experience of integrating with the best APIs to improve efficiency and make the most of tried and tested applications.

A beautiful front-end and a flexible back-end

As well as the functional elements of the site, we will of course also make sure that the aesthetic appearance and the user experience is both attractive and user-friendly. For those clients who require it, we can provide a seamless and bespoke content management system (CMS) which allows easy, flexible and comprehensive access to edit, update and maintain your website yourself. We’ll be there to offer training and support, so no need to worry about keeping your website updated and current and because we use our own CMS and a dedicated server, you can be assured that it is stable, secure and reliable.

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